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How to certify Marriage in Japan

Marriage Certificate in Japan

Marriage Certificate can be translated 'Konin-shomeisho' in Japanese. 'konin' means 'marriage', and and 'Shomeisho' means 'Certificate'.

In Japan, a document called Marriage Certificate/'Konin-Shomeisho' can not be issued by a public authority. But depending on a nationality of a person, a place of marriage, and so on, following documents can be issued and used as a document to certify his/her marriage in Japan.

Some people pronounce 'konin' is a formal word for 'kekkon'. Therefore, 'kekkon-shomeisho' means 'konin-shomeisho'.

Certificate of Acceptance/'Juri-Shomeisho'

Image of Certificate of Acceptance

Juri-Shomeisho, literally translated Certificate of Acceptance, is a formal document to attest a fact that “a Marriage notification was officially accepted by the head of local municipal government pursuant to Japanese laws".

Certificate of Acceptance/'Juri-Shomeisho' can be obtained at a municipal office where you placed a Marriage notification.

*** Important *** Only a person who submitted a marriage notification (=a husband and/or wife in most cases) can apply for and obtain this certificate.

Family Register/'Koseki'

Image of Marriage Certificate in Japan

Japanese "Family Register" is the official file kept at a municipal government office to record events of a person such as Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death, etc.

Certificate of "Family Register"

Certificate of "Family Register", Zembu-Jiko-Shomei or Kojin-Jiko-Shomei, is a formal document to attest his/her Marriage record. Zembu-Jiko-Shomei or Kojin-Jiko-Shomei can be obtained at a local municipal office where his/her domicile is registered.
Note: Certificate of "Family Register" can be issued only for a Japanese national.

Certified copy of "Family Register"

Koseki-Tohon or Koseki-Shohon, literally translated a certified copy of Family Register, is a formal document to attest his/her Marriage record. v can be obtained at a local municipal office where his/her domicile is registered.
Note: Certified copy of Family Register can be issued only for a Japanese national.

Where you can get an original certificate

"Certificate of Acceptance" can be obtained at a municipal office where the Marriage notification was accepted.
A certified copy of "Family Register" can be obtained at a municipal office where a registered domicile (or HONSEKICHI) is registered..

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The service of our office is based on the premise that the client has already obtained a public certificate such as family register, etc.


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To certify a marriage in Japan

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